Time to Start

Okay, today I’ll start my blog. No, really. It’s time to start. I know I’ve had the tab open for months on my laptop, I know I’m always putting it at the bottom of my to-do list; but today is the day, probably. This is the summer before my last year in college, I should at least try and make myself hireable for the spring, right? Right. Okay, time to start.

Oh good, my tea is ready. Let’s look over to my cat, Harley Quinn, for some 20170527-1705649981-01-1
encouragement…she completely ignored me. I was expecting her typical, “How dare you even glance in my direction, you peasant?” look, so I’ll take it. Hmm, not sure how I feel about this tea. Thought I’d try a new one today, I’ll just add some more sugar and go back to my usual tomorrow. I’m new to the whole “tea” thing, I’ve never really been a fan of hot drinks in general. Aren’t drinks supposed to be refreshing? Why would I want a cup of hot water? Wow, I still haven’t started. Damn, okay, time to start.

Here comes my other cat, Toothless, to nap beside me. Way to motivate me, I’ve been fending off my urge to take a nap for a couple of hours now. I was going to fall asleep to the movie Twilight, but then I actually wanted to watch it. I genuinely enjoyed it as a typical 12-year-old girl, so now as a 19-year-old, I’d like to think I still watch it just for nostalgic reasons or because Kristen Stewart’s extreme awkwardness and lack of charisma makes me feel better as a person but the truth is I just like it.

Okay, now it’s really time to start my blog. What’s a nice artistic shot I can take to use for this post? It should include my cup of tea and my two cats for sure. That’s not enough elements though. Should there be a muffin or a cookie? I don’t have either, or a small plate with a minimalistic flower or geometric design on it for said muffin or cookie. And actually, I don’t think my mug’s aesthetically pleasing enough either. I better get on that. Also, how can I incorporate the movie? Showing my TV won’t look good, there’ll be a glare on the screen. And it’s not like I have the DVD case that I can put in the shot, I’m just watching this on Netflix, and I don’t even own a DVD player. I guess I’ll do what I can with some editing apps to make this Insta-worthy. And then I’ll need a good caption, and a different, but also good one, for Facebook.


Is this long enough to be my first post? I’m at 461 words. Let’s shoot for 500. Ummm, maybe I should actually explain what my plan for this blog is. While it is a loose plan, I do plan to track reactions and adjust accordingly; which is exactly what you should be doing if you want a successful social media account. And that’s what I want to talk about, the realities of social media in our ever evolving society. Like something as simple as lighting and which hashtags you use for post affects how many likes you will get. Simple and seemingly obvious things that will make your account more credible and get you more followers.

Perfect, I’m over 500 words now. So, I will leave all of you with this: Twilight is just ending now and the song Flightless Bird, American Mouth by Iron & Wine is playing and it is such a nice, romantic song, so go listen to it. Try to ignore the fact that it’s in a Twilight movie.


6 thoughts on “Time to Start

  1. Cold drinks are refreshing, but hot drinks are comforting. When I was sick, there was nothing like a nice cup of hot herbal tea. Forget the sugar…in my humble opinion, tea really doesn’t need it.


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