My Family

“When are you going to do your next blog post?”

“This Saturday because my I did my first post on a Saturday.”

“Makes sense, maybe you can do it tomorrow afternoon then?”

“Yeah, for sure.”

 – Saturday, 6:00pm –

“Babe, did you do your blog post?”


Okay, while I sometimes lack motivation, I never miss a deadline. Deadlines are everything; and so is consistency. Why did I have to do my second blog post one week after my first? I plan to do a blog post every week, so it should be on the same day. By posting on the same day every week I make it easier for readers to stay engaged as they will begin to expect my new post each week. Even if you can only post once a month, actually make it once a month and on the same day; this is a simple way to build your online presence.

Phew, got the learning part out of the way! Now I can tell you all about my awesome family; not my parents and my brother, but who I live with. You’ve been introduced to my two cats, Harley and Toothless, but I also live with my boyfriend, Andrew Halstad. He’s cool.


Andrew is the one who made sure I started this blog, and also made sure I did my post today. Oh, he just noticed I finally started, and his smile has now given me a big smile. I guess I won’t talk smack about him then. He just graduated from the Public Relations program at Algonquin College. This picture is from second year when they were welcoming the first years to the program; he’s probably either thinking about food or scaring the newcomers. My guess is a little bit of Column A and a little bit of Column B. We’ve both grown so much as people since we first started dating and started college together. He’s brought out different sides of my personality in the best way possible, I never thought I’d meet someone who would completely change my thoughts on flowers. Why would you buy your partner flowers? It’s a waste of money and they’re just going to die, I’d rather get mozzarella sticks. But now, I want some damn flowers and it’ll be damn thoughtful and they’ll look damn nice on the dining table…with some mozzarella sticks.

Laura Harley Fire.jpg

Okay, now let’s talk about my much cuter housemates: Harley and Toothless. The reason these cats mean so much to me is because I never got to have cats growing up, and I wanted one so bad. I’d get in as many pets as I could from my friends’ cats. Then I finally got Harley Quinn from Furry Tales Rescue as a birthday present from Andrew in August 2016. I truly love her like a daughter, and she’s pretty and feisty just like the DC character she was named after. The picture on the left shows me with Harley right after the most traumatic thing I’ve been through. On March 13, 2017, the place Andrew and I lived in with our two roommates burnt down in the Northview row house fire in Nepean. We had just adopted Toothless a week ago and only had one carrier. Since Toothless wasn’t used to us yet we just had enough time for Andrew to get him in the carrier and for me to grab Harley and carry her out in my arms. It was around -15°C and I was clutching her to me so she couldn’t get away. Her previous owners declawed her so Andrew and I made her an indoor cat since she couldn’t defend herself. I wasn’t even taking in the fact that my home was burning down before my eyes, all I could take in was the awful cries from Harley. When Andrew’s parents drove over to take us back to their place for what turned into a month and a half, I was still holding her tight, not knowing what I would have done if I didn’t get her out.


She’s also a huge bitch. And an idiot.


Lastly, here’s the floof of the house: Toothless. When Andrew and I decided we wanted another cat, we knew he had to be declawed as well so he wouldn’t have an unfair advantage over Harley. However, when we adopted this sweetheart from the Ottawa Stray Cat Rescue we were told that because of neglect from his previous owners all of the cat’s teeth were rotten and had to be removed. Get the name now? It also works because he looks like Toothless from How to Train Your Dragon with his big green eyes. He’s so playful and will actually roll on his back and ask for tummy rubs. He really was the missing piece in our family, he made us feel complete. And I couldn’t be happier with my family.


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