Cats and Cat Eyes

Tea? Check. New cat mug? Check. Unrealistic expectations of beauty from society? Check.


I want to show you all what I do to make photos of my life look “good enough” to post on social media for the world to see. I can look at this situation in two ways; I shouldn’t have to edit my photos to hide all my flaws and make the picture aesthetically pleasing enough to be able to post it. However, what’s wrong with using all the tools I have at my disposable to bring my picture to its highest potential of beauty? Let’s go with the latter for today.

Here before you is a selfie of me, the original and edited version. Currently, my favourite app for photo editing is Facetune. I use this app for every kind of picture, not just photos of faces. The first step to editing is cropping the photo, cut out what’s unimportant and distracts from the focal point. In this case, the focal point is me – smirk – and the negative space above my head is unnecessary. Also, by cropping out the bottom of my neckline the photo looks more interesting as it draws the eye in. Next, I like to bring out the details. Facetune allows me to use my finger to pick specific areas to sharpen. I always like to do my eyes, lips, septum ring, hair, and clothing. I also use the opposite tool to smooth out the bags under my eyes. There are so many concealers and procedures to hide or get rid of the bags under your eyes so they must be undesirable, right? Yeah, the pressures of society suck sometimes. Anyway, the last thing I did to edit this picture is the lighting. I usually go for the “sunset” filter because it makes me more look tanned, again, beauty standards are stupid, am I right? I still conform to them anyway and I fully admit to that. It took me so long to get a good selfie on my balcony that Harley was wondering where I went.

Awe, my fur baby. If you couldn’t tell already Harley is mine and Toothless is Andrew’s, but we still love them both very much. I decided to try editing the picture of Harley in the same way I edited the photo of myself and I love it. After cropping it I used the “details” tool in Facetune to bring out Harley’s eyes, nose, and mouth. She either has resting sad face or resting bitch face just like her momma. I didn’t have to get rid of any bags under her eyes since she sleeps all the damn time. I finished the photo off by adding the “sunset” filter to add warmth to the picture. Perfect.

I did have some fun with this post by getting all dolled up for you guys, this cat mom is good at a cat eye too. But I also have an important message for you all. You are more than the amount of likes you get on a selfie. You are more than the number of positive comments you get on a post. You are better than the negative comments you get on post. Validation comes from within and you’ll never win by trying to get it from strangers online. Even if you have to work at it every day, love yourself and post that selfie because you want to celebrate how awesome you look, not because you feel unattractive and want people to tell you otherwise. You are beautiful. Okay, I’m getting the look, time to feed my cats or things will get ugly.


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