Keywords and My Chauffeur

Okay, I just worked eight hours today at my part time job and I am exhausted. I just want to go to bed and spoon with my cat, Harley. Oh yes, I spoon my cat and we nap together – when she lets me. I love it though, it’s the only time I enjoy being the big spoon.
Ugh, I work another eight hours tomorrow too. It’s been so long since summer was just about having fun. Then I had to get a job to save money for college. Then I had to get a job to be able to afford tuition. Now I need a job to afford rent. So I need the money, but damn. I miss summer.
I keep groaning like a child and Andrew is just laughing at me. Being an adult is hard. It’s all up to me to make sure I make enough money to support myself, exercise, get enough sleep at night, have a well-balanced diet, and also have some enjoyment in my life. If I was good at all that then I wouldn’t struggle with depression. Life shouldn’t be this hard, should it? Did it use to be easier? I don’t know, maybe this is why I shouldn’t let my mind wander while writing, it gets dark. Let’s go see what Harley’s up to.
She’s chilling outside my bedroom. I tried petting her with my foot and she did not appreciate it. I was afraid to move my foot for a while. I still love her though, I even plan on getting a tattoo of her paw print. I just need to get the print somehow. Surely there’s some non-toxic ink or clay I can use. Let’s Google it, shall we?
“how to get your cats paw print”
Screen Shot 2017-06-24 at 7.25.14 PM
After a “suggested clip” from youtube, this is what I saw. Nothing very official looking, but these pages show up first for a reason. They used particular keywords so I can find their pages easily. Marketers bid on keywords that are typed into search engines, like Google. When someone types in those keywords, all of the bidders for those words will appear. The higher the bid, the higher the page will be in the search results. A good strategy to follow for this is to bid on specific keywords, as popular keywords are expensive to bid on. In this scenario, it would be more cost effective to bid on “cat paw print tattoo” versus “cat tattoo”.
After looking through these I’m still not sure what the best way to do this is. I’m also the kind of person who is too stubborn to just grab a picture off the internet of a generic cat paw print. I need it to be Harley’s toe beans. I will find a way. Once I can afford the means to get her paw print. And the tattoo itself.
I would have so many more tattoos if I could afford them. I currently have two and want at least four more. First will be Harley’s paw, then I want something to commemorate all my dance shoes I lost in my house fire, and my dance career itself. Even though it was mostly for fun, I was with the Almonte Academy of Dance for nine years, and I had a blast. After that tattoo, I want one for both of my parents. I am thinking of a baby grand piano for my dad, as we have one in my childhood home that he plays so beautifully, and a car for my mom because living in the country with no drivers license, she was basically my chauffeur; and still is. She’s driven to hell and back for me countless times, even to Middleville – which is in the middle of f***ing nowhere!
For now, I’ll have to settle for these two tattoos.
I probably should have gotten the cat that took 10 min as my first tattoo instead of getting a rose under my ribs that took three hours right before I had to do my marketing midterm. Oh well, hindsight 20/20.

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