23,854 Steps

I average about 1800 steps a day. I didn’t download an app or anything to track my steps, I just have the LG Health app built into my phone. My 1800 steps usually consist of walking from home to the grocery store and back, or to the bus stops to get to work. I can’t have my phone on me while working so that’s why my average steps a day is pretty low considering the app has my daily goal set at 8850. I even think it used to be higher but I wasn’t reaching it so it lowered the daily goal for me. I am clearly the poster child of an active lifestyle.

Today I took 23,854 steps.


Today started the same as every other day – Harley pawing at the bed and meowing in my face to let me know it’s breakfast time. This usually occurs between 4 – 5 am, she’s lucky she’s cute. Toothless is never far behind to chime in once he realises they’re getting fed. However this morning I was hungover from attempting “Beerio Kart” with Andrew last night, so I needed water which then woke me up. I felt like going for a walk, the sun wasn’t up yet so I figured I’d walk until I reached the Ottawa River to watch the sun rise. Of course the second I step out the door I see that it’s raining, oh well, I’m not turning back now. 20 minutes later I reached the river, but there was no break in the clouds for the sun to peek through, so I figured I’d just walk for longer. I ended up walking for another half hour before I reached a bus stop, at that point I needed to hydrate and eat, I was still very hungover. By the time I picked up breakfast for Andrew and me and got home I’d already walked 7,143 steps. I felt pretty good; my day was not over though.


I also had plans to see U.S.S. at the Hope Volleyball Tournament this evening with Andrew’s and my friend Jared. Andrew had to work unfortunately, he did spray sunscreen on me before I left though because I was running late. I had to run to make my bus to meet Jared and my legs were already giving out. And U.S.S. isn’t a band you don’t dance to, these guys do flips and handstands on stage so the least I can do is dance my hardest for them.

And dance my hardest I did, for that one hour concert the LG Health app thought I was cycling for 18 minutes of it that the app converted to 4,438 steps. I can’t even imagine what it would’ve thought of Jared’s dancing, he went all out, I had to make sure I wasn’t too close or I would’ve been kicked. It was a good time though for us pale people who spend most of our time inside. I can’t remember the last time I felt so depleted of nutrients after all that dancing and sweating in the heat. So a good way to end the day was picking up some food at McDonald’s and bringing some to Andrew at work.


After this exhausting day I started thinking about the relationship between fitness and social media. I’ve noticed that, mostly on Instagram, people are creating platforms for fitness and healthy living. They are a big part of these “perfect” people with perfect, aesthetically pleasing lives that make the rest of us feel bad about ourselves when these people are, for the most part, fake. We share what we want on social media, and we can manipulate the pictures we post to go along with our message. On these fitness accounts men and women have the power to only post the healthy meals they eat and hide their unhealthy meals, and they can also edit the hell out their gym selfies to appear more toned and smooth than they actually are. Now some of these accounts are a great inspiration for our own personal fitness goals, but don’t let them give you unrealistic expectations of a healthy lifestyle.

There’s also a lot of advertisements and endorsements for various teas and pills that have ridiculous claims of losing 5 pounds in a day, when really you’ll just get diarrhea and lose 5 pounds of water weight which will result in dehydration. These advertisements are misleading and give people all the wrong ideas on how to lose weight. Be mindful of where you find inspiration for losing weight. Set goals to become stronger, not thinner. If you find yourself scrolling through your social media feeds and begin to feel bad about your body, unfollow those damned accounts. Just do you, boo.


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