Given that I talk about social media strategies, tactics, and my own opinions on the matter, this is primarily a lifestyle blog. So I figured the more interesting my life is, the more interesting my blog will be – she says as she’s rewatching How I Met Your Mother for the eighth time.

This afternoon I attended the Magical Girl Market at the Bronson Center in Ottawa. Unfortunately, I only had enough money to buy pink ribbon shoelaces from Sugar Bones, but they let me pick one of their pretty stickers, so obviously I went for the antisocial one with roses. I tried to get Harley to look cute for this picture but this is what she gave me. A look of death.


I really loved their message for the Magical Girl Market:

We promote an inclusive, positive space for everyone in our community and at our events. We support body positivity, cultural diversity, and LGBTQ rights within the community. We promote a safe space for everyone regardless of ethnicity, age, ability, skill, gender, or orientation- no if’s, and’s or but’s!

I really hate what people have done to the word, “feminist”. It shouldn’t have a negative connotation but it does, and that’s wrong. The problem is that while it means giving women equal rights, a lot of women use the term to say that they deserve more than men. Women also use it to tell other women that they’re not being a feminist by shaving or wearing makeup or showing cleavage because it’s to please society’s expectations or something. No, stop, there is no wrong way to be a woman. We can dress and groom ourselves however we damn please to make us feel good about ourselves because everyone deserves to feel good about themselves. One of my professors at Algonquin College, Jake Volt, always adds something like this to his marking scheme for every assignment:

ZERO for swearing or making fun of/attacking a person/people based on their race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, sex, gender, sexual orientation, disability or medical condition.
I honestly don’t understand why we can’t all abide by this in our everyday lives.

Anyway, mini rant over, this past week a couple blogs emailed me about doing guest blog posts. The purpose of this is to gain backlinks, which are basically incoming links to a web page. This is a search engine optimisation tactic to improve their site rankings. When a web page links to any other page, it’s called a backlink. The more backlinks, the higher the rank, and the easier your page will be to find. And in the case of growing your blog, you want to be found easily on the internet. Just no private information, promise?

Let’s talk about ways to get backlinks. The most obvious way is to be an awesome writer and put out quality content; people will naturally link to you. But we can’t all be magical unicorns who write pure gold, so what else can we do? Commenting is an easy one, start giving some quality comments on other blogs and you’ll get more traffic and better search engine visibility. Also keep in mind that it’s the quality of backlinks that matters, not the quantity.

While I’d love to collaborate with other bloggers, their blogs should be similar to mine. The bloggers that contacted me run finance blogs.

Wow, “blog” does not sound like a word anymore.

While I’ll gladly rant about being a broke college student, their blogs are quite different than my cataclysm of social media, cats, tea, aesthetics, and rants. You know what, I’m not done ranting. Can I just say that when I was a little girl I absolutely loved the colour pink? I’d lunge for it, always. Then by the time I was a tween I was sick of being called cute by adults, it felt belittling. So I began to resent the colour pink because I associated it with being feminine, which I associated with being weak. I know I’m not the only one who went through this growing up in the early 2000’s. I thought if I was a “girly girl” I wouldn’t be taken seriously by anyone, and pink was the epitome of being a girly girl. Basically, I viewed women as weak, and I guess that came from TV or advertising, either way, that’s f**ked up. Now that this is being talked about more I’ve finally gotten past the, “I hate pink” phase that many women go through. And that’s why I’m embracing it so much more now through hoodies, laces, and stickers.

A good way to sum this rant up is to watch this video if you haven’t already. If you have, watch it again; they say it best. And if you’re wondering why I’m taking advertising at Algonquin College, it’s not for the 95% of horrible advertising we see every day, it’s for the 5% that chose to say something important, and did it well.


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