Cat Appreciation Post


I had to get the new mug we got in at work that you can doodle on!

Today at work a woman came in and after getting her drink she was talking about her cat to the cashier, Ilan. Once I heard “cat” my ears perked up like Harley’s and Toothless’s do when I open a tin of their next fishy meal. This woman had to take her cat to the vet today to get the rest of its booster shots because it couldn’t handle them all in one go, bless its little heart. I told her I have two cats, the short-haired tabby and the black “floof”. She then proceeded to look for pictures of her cat on her phone as a line was forming and I couldn’t find a pause to tell her I needed to take the next person so Ilan went to the other cash. Her cat was really cute though. Once she saw the line she and apologized and left, I would’ve been annoyed but I couldn’t be. I love talking to other people about their cats, their mannerisms, their attitudes, and of course all of the adorable pictures and videos. I wish I could’ve shown her my little bundles of joy. I have so many pictures of Harley and I’m building my collection of Toothless pictures. I’ve yet to capture his hyper, playful side in a video, but I’ve got some good ones of Harley.

Like this one…

And this one…


Toothless has been really funny lately; if he’s not sleeping in his cardboard box I’ve found him sleeping on his back on the bed. He’ll also paw at things on the floor and once they move towards him he jumps back, I swear his vertical leap is ridiculous. Also, unlike Harley, he’ll actually come to your hand if you call him to give him pets and he’ll rub against you. However, he can be too loving sometimes. He likes to walk under Andrew’s feet to keep rubbing against him while he’s trying to walk somewhere in the apartment. I also think Toothless has a death wish, every time Andrew and I use the oven he runs to it when we open the oven door. No baby! You are very flammable! Please move! He’s a funny guy. If we put some catnip on the floor for him he’ll roll around in it. Cats man, so glad I have them in my life.
Since I’m a broke student and didn’t pay for the WordPress plan that allows me to put video files in a post, I just put my Harley videos on Youtube. I have never really used my account for anything other than liking and saving other peoples’ videos so I want to learn more about this as a social media platform and using it to build an online presence. First, how do you get more views on your videos? This is a popular one: ask for subscribers! This way your audience will be notified when you post a new video. You also want your videos to be easily discovered, which can be accomplished by having an organized channel. Creating playlists for your content is the way to do this, as YouTube’s Creator Academy explains, “Great playlists can increase watch time and create another asset that will appear in search results and in suggested videos.” Next is to take full advantage of your metadata to make your videos more discoverable. Metadata includes the video title, description, tags, category, thumbnail, subtitles, and closed captions (if applicable). When choosing tags and naming your videos, just think of what keywords you use to find videos on YouTube and what titles appeal to you; what makes you click on a video?

Cats, usually.

Also, make sure that your thumbnail, the small visual preview of the content, is intriguing enough. This can be the deciding factor for whether people click on your video or not. Another good way to get more views on your videos is to run a contest. This not only interests your current audience but will bring in new viewers; a contest is a great incentive for people to share your content. Here are a few types of contests you can do: commenting contests, subscription-based contests, advocate video contest, and upload and vote video contests. If you follow all these tactics you have a great chance of increasing your views and subscribers. Hope you learned something from this post, either way, you got to see some cat pictures and videos so it couldn’t a waste of time, right?




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