Keep Going

Man, what am I going to write about this week? Hair dye? Tattoos? Music? Adulting? Cats? Tea? Facebook? Instagram? Youtube? Damn, am I out of things?

No, I can’t be, I just started. I have to keep going.

I haven’t talked about makeup or Reddit or A/B testing or growth hacking or advertising or food. I should talk about food more. And by the time I’ve covered all of this I should have some more cat videos and photos. Perfect. See I’m not even close to being done. I also got a lovely reminder this morning that I’ll be back at school soon: timetables are out. I typically hope for classes in the middle of the day so of course, I end one day at 8 pm and start the next at 8 am. Other than that it could be worse. Seeing my schedule always gives me mixed feelings, I crave having a routine that I can’t possibly get in the summer with last minute plans for socializing and my inconsistent work schedule. I always get the summer time sadness from losing a schedule, a reason to put effort into my outfit, and a reason to put makeup on. However, group assignments are damn stressful when you get unreliable people, and some classes just drag on, college is no picnic. I have to keep going though. I’m almost done!

I always like when my profs would ask us why we chose the advertising program at Algonquin College. We get such a mix of strategists, sales people, copywriters, graphic designers, media buyers, and communications people. Some don’t even know what they want to do going into the program, and others do a complete 180. Not me, well, kind of me. Ever since I was 14 my plan was to go to Algonquin for the graphic design program. I had been spending all my spare time making literally hundreds of designs on Microsoft Paint since I was 12, but then I was introduced to Adobe Photoshop at age 15. It was definitely an upgrade. As I entered grade 12, the task of creating a portfolio to get into the graphic design program was daunting, to say the least. I took art class all four years of high school to get better at drawing and painting, but I still didn’t feel confident enough in those skills. I was much more comfortable with Sharpie pens, rulers, and circle templates. Then a friend told me about the advertising program, “It’s like design and business in one.” The logical side of me said, well hey if I learn the business stuff I’ll be more hireable when I graduate. And no portfolio needed! Sounds good to me. I didn’t even apply to any other school or program. My dream job did evolve a bit as I went through the program. When I applied to work as a designer for Glue Magazine in the second year of the program, my heart sunk when I got the position of digital coordinator. However, I had more fun than I ever imagined I would running Glue’s social media pages and taking pictures at our events and coming up with hashtags for them. It was especially fun since our target audience is college students, which means memes! My favourite ones were my “Wot in Celebration” post linking to an article on Glue’s site about how you can celebrate Canada’s sesquicentennial – I love that word –  and my Family Day portrait. I photoshopped the face from Glue’s magazine cover on to the faces of some mullet family. This wasn’t totally random though, you can actually face swap with the guy on the cover on Snapchat!

We also did the Mannequin Challenge!

After having this great experience elevating Glue’s social media presence I knew that that’s what I wanted to do when I graduate. Plus, there are opportunities to do graphic design as well since a photo instantly makes a Facebook or Twitter post more engaging. I’m sure this last year of college won’t be easy, the pressure will be on to make sure that I’m as qualified as possible for this dream career of mine, as long as I focus on the end goal I’ll be able to keep going. And although I’m excited to graduate, I should enjoy my last summer before I start my life. So I bid you all adieu, as Andrew and I are having breakfast for dinner tonight and my cats need cuddles.


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