GIFS, Shares, and Purple Hair

Sorry to let you all down, but I have to say I’m not too cynical as a college senior. Yet. So far I’m super excited about all the things I will be learning in my digital marketing class, and I had lots of fun in motion graphics learning how to make GIFS!


Also, at the end of the month, the third years are going on a field trip to New York City for Advertising Week! This is huge! Here’s how they explain the event on their website:

“For one week, from September 25 – 29 in New York City, leaders from the advertising, marketing, media and related creative industries will join together to share their visions, passions and best practices, and engage in conversations about the many issues, opportunities and challenges facing the industry today.”

Alas, the downside is that I won’t be able to network at the after parties as I’m only 20 years old. At least this gives me time to explore the city that I’ve never been to and be well rested for every carefully scheduled day. I still need to build my itinerary for the conference, I don’t know how I’ll choose between all the seminars and workshops. The only concrete plan I have so far is to go to McGee’s. It’s the pub that inspired Maclaren’s from How I Met Your Mother, and if anyone knows me they know that that show is to me as Star Wars is to Ted. Looks like I’ll be going on Monday, they have a special HIMYM menu. If I could drink alcohol in America, I’d definitely ask for The Minnesota Tidal Wave at Mcgee’s. What’s in it, you ask?

  • 1/2 shot coconut rum
  • 1 shot peach schnapps
  • whisper vanilla vodka
  • 1 shot strawberry creme liqueur
  • splash cranberry juice
  • 5 table spoons sugar
  • handful maraschino cherries

Okay, I probably wouldn’t drink it because it sounds like diabetes in a cup. And no, it’s not called The Robin Sherbatsky. Marshall is a better character and his name for the drink is cooler. Anyway, this semester is not all sunshine and rainbows. This Thursday the third years get to endure what is known as boot camp. It’s our big welcome back assignment to turn our minds back on after the four-month break. In groups of five, we have 24 hours to create work – I’m guessing an IMC plan with finished creative pieces – for a substantial percentage of our marks in three of our classes. And no, we don’t get to choose our teams. So yeah, it’s going to be a long 24 hours.

This week, let’s talk about sharing. Not with toys or food, because I don’t like to share either of those, especially food. I’m talking about sharing posts on social media. If you want to get more shares. there a few things you can do to optimize your posts for maximum shares, and likes too! First, using an eye-catching photo makes all the difference – just make sure you’re not only posting pictures. Keep your timeline interesting with links, videos, and text-only posts. But when you do post a picture, consider how it will look small, given that a lot of people will be viewing it from their phone. My next tip is to keep your description short. While some photos call for a long description, ones that you want to be shared a lot shouldn’t have a description longer than a sentence or two. Also, consider simple calls to action like, “Like if you agree”, or “Post your answer in the comments”. While those typically work better, try to find a unique and captivating way to ask for shares. Next, be timely. Working in an industry that’s constantly changing? Keep on top of new developments and post about it before it becomes stale. Just a college student like me? Follow /r/dankmemes/ and other subreddits dedicated to memes and post your own take on them before it’s no longer funny. Where do you go in the vastness of the internet to find the freshest memes? Let me know in the comments!

See what I did there.

I would like to conclude this post by showing you all that my hair is now purple. And I’ve made a fun game with my first day of school selfies; if you look closely you can see the light and optimism fade from me as you go from left to right.

I’m still smiling, but you can tell I’ve been through some stuff, you know? Look at that fresh faced 18 year old so excited about moving to the big city and starting college. Then the second year it’s like okay, she’s been beaten down a bit, all of this is harder than anticipated. And then the third year I’m like yeah, my house burnt down, what else is life going to throw at me? Let’s just do this.





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