All Aboard the Hype Train

In less than 24 hours I will be in New York City for Ad Week! I’m so hyped!

Since the bus is leaving Algonquin College at 6am tomorrow morning I’ve decided to stay up all night so I can sleep on the bus; the only downside to this trip is the eight-hour bus ride there. Well, that and being away from my loved ones who keep me sane – Andrew and the cats. At least I can talk to Andrew on the phone, I can’t really talk to the cats and tell them how much I miss them. I mean I can through video chat but I don’t think they’ll really understand. I’m going to learn so much though! I’m so hyped!

Other than the cool seminars and events at the conference, this is also a huge opportunity for me to network, so I figured I’d take a nice picture for my LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram display picture. This is a good way to brand myself, one clear image to connect all my platforms. It’s the same as using the same message when communicating something; add other voices – or pictures – and the message can get muddled. I wanted this picture to come across as confident and fresh to translate to my confident voice and fresh take on the latest digital marketing trends. Then I realized my selfies are sub-par at best, so I asked my wonderful fiancé to take some pictures. I’m still frustrated that there isn’t a photography class in the advertising program at Algonquin but there is for the Public Relations program. Oh well, at least he can be Instagram Husband, and then my actual husband once we get our careers started.


Ah yes, don’t I look like I have my life together?

I’m also hoping to get some more exposure for this blog. I’ve learned that if I can come up with the money for a business account with WordPress I can integrate Google Analytics, which I didn’t think was that much better than the analytics that comes with the cheapest plan. Boy, was I wrong.  In my digital marketing class my professor, Jonathan Simon, the one who pushed me to start this blog, showed the class what we can really do with more data from our site. If you’ll see on his blog, he very much knows what he’s talking about and I aspire to get to that level. But I’ve come to learn that being a digital marketer is really a lifestyle, you have to be on top of it all the time because it is constantly changing. Now, with the basic insights I get on WordPress I can see how many views my articles get and where in the world they are coming from, as well as my site’s most popular day and hour – which happens to be Sundays at 1am. I see all you night owls. But, with Google Analytics it goes so much deeper than that; I can see how long people are spending on different pages of my site. If they’re only spending 5 seconds on an article, I doubt they actually read it. This means that that blog post wasn’t engaging enough, so I should try something else for my next one. It’s always good to track things like this and learn from it. Something else worth looking at is how people got to your site. A lot of people get here from me posting my latest article on Facebook, which means the majority of my readers are friends. Few come from LinkedIn, which means I need to change something so I can appeal to the more professional crowd as well. Maybe I should stop talking about my damn cats all the time…yeah that’s never going to happen. I mean look at the sleepy floofs!

Time to wrap this post up as I haven’t packed yet for New York yet. But hey, I needed something to do while I stayed up all night! Coming home from work this afternoon I realized there were a few things I still had to pick up for New York. I already have a big purse, but I figured one that actually closed with a zipper would be a good idea for such a big city with a lot of people who could just grab something out of my bag. I also wanted something to take notes in at the conference that was bigger than my little field notes for insights and doodles. Another thing I did not anticipate – it’s still hot as all hell at the end of September! I bought a cute and comfy pair of black booties to wear all week but I had to pick up some flats so my feet wouldn’t be so pungent from the heat. Lastly, I’m going to need a pillow if I’m going to try and get any sleep on a bus.

Wait, I need to politely tell Toothless to get out of the way…or politely pick him up and move him myself. There we go, got all the things I was missing, plus Cheezies. For all my fellow classmates and professors going to Ad Week with me: all aboard the hype train!


One thought on “All Aboard the Hype Train

  1. Hi Laura, Just finishing up the days paperwork and my thoughts are turning to you.  I do hope New York proves to be as special as it is made out to be. I hope your itinerary allows for time doing New York things. Perhaps some great contacts can be made. All the best, learn, have fun, stay safe. You are very special. Vic


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