Complaining, Mostly

I have been trying to make my last few posts more professional for you guys. Show you how long I can go without complaining or mentioning my cats. But this week this will not do. 
It’s been a week since I’ve been to school thanks to the Ontario College Strike.


We are pissed off. I’m sure the professors hate being put into this position as well. But they are getting strike pay, while minimal, it’s something. We get nothing. No learning can occur. Yes, the internet exists and we can teach ourselves a lot, but that is not what we paid thousands of dollars for. As the petition says,
“Students suffer the most, yet we are not part of the conversation. We lose learning. We lose time. We demand a refund.”
At this moment in time, 97,960 people have signed. There are talks about our holiday break being cut short or finishing school in May. We have been told to cancel all travel plans but are being promised that we won’t lose a year. Work placements are being cancelled. Students who should be attending their graduating ceremony this October can’t go because it has been cancelled. But they are welcome to attend the spring convocation. Bullshit. This is my last year of college and I need to learn as much as possible so I’m not fired within the first three months of my job out of school. But I also have trouble blaming the professors for fighting back


“Contract faculty are paid less per course than their full-time colleagues, and they don’t get health or pension benefits. They have little to no job security, often hired for one academic term at a time, which means they have no guarantee of a steady income.”
This strike has done wonders for my mental health, by the way. Struggling with depression means it’s hard to motivate myself sometimes. When I have school I am forced to leave my apartment and actually do something that day. Once I got to a good work environment I was able to get a lot of homework done and learn new things. I was able to socialize with friends and someone to talk to other than my cats. They’re doing great by the way. I want to work on my portfolio but without bouncing ideas off of my teachers and making sure I’m on the track I can’t overcome my blank page syndrome

blank page.jpeg

This article isn’t even optimized. I should have the word “strike” early in my title and throughout this blog post. There’s also a lot I need to fix on this site. But I can’t understand how to fix it after looking at a report of it. I haven’t even been able to figure out how to put ads on my site to monetize it. I tried linking Google AdSense to my site but I haven’t been able to link it and have not found an article or Youtube video to show me what I’m missing. Things are going downhill without my professors’ help.
I could barely muster up the motivation to write this blog post, but you know how I love to complain. Yes, I would like some whine with my cheese. A sweet, white riesling, please. I am getting sick and tired of seeing this on Canvas as the days go by.

Screen Shot 2017-10-22 at 10.26.33 AM

Yes, school is difficult and stressful. Yes, I hate it sometimes. But without it, I have no drive and no motivation to get much of anything done in my life. I’m certainly not getting any fulfilment from my part-time job at Tim Hortons. It’s starting to feel like there isn’t enough Zoloft or exercise that will motivate me or make me feel better about this lovely opportunity to get lots of work done of my portfolio, get ahead of all my assignments, and learn new things.



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