Here’s the Situation

Alas, this is my last blog post before school starts. I'm sure I'll have something to complain about next week, but I'll probably have also learned some new things to pass on to all you lovely readers. This week is all about the situation analysis in an IMC plan. This is the background on which … Continue reading Here’s the Situation


Creative Strategy and Slaying

Time for the part of an IMC plan that is surprisingly done by strategists and not designers or copywriters: the creative strategy. It is actually written for the designers and copywriters - the creative team - to inform and focus them for the project at hand. There are many formats for a creative strategy, every … Continue reading Creative Strategy and Slaying


Given that I talk about social media strategies, tactics, and my own opinions on the matter, this is primarily a lifestyle blog. So I figured the more interesting my life is, the more interesting my blog will be - she says as she's rewatching How I Met Your Mother for the eighth time. This afternoon … Continue reading Pink